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Fusion causing a splash in dentistry

How fusion alumnus Antonis Sergis developed a dentists' protocol to reduce Coronavirus spread

JET defies Covid to post a record-breaking year

News from CCFE: JET defies Covid to post a record-breaking year

2020 Nuclear Fusion journal award to Prof. Christian Theiler

Created by Yves Martin |
News from the Swiss Plasma Center at EPFL

Expert panel approves next DEMO design phase

Created by Gieljan de Vries |
From 19 to 25 November 2020, an independent expert panel reviewed EUROfusion's R&D and design work on DEMO, the future demonstration fusion power...

Hungarians to develop ITER protection system

Created by Tamás Szabolics |
How can you quickly shut down runaway electrons in a fusion plasma? Shattering pellets of hydrogen ice may hold the answer.

Small but fierce: SPARC

Created by Gieljan de Vries |
We talk to plasma physics expert professor Hartmut Zohm at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics for his expert insight.

World Science Day for Peace and Development

Tuesday 10 November is the UNESCO World Science Day for Peace and Development. As a member of the European science organisation EIROforum, EUROfusion...

MAST Upgrade starts up its first plasma

Created by Gieljan de Vries | last updated: 10/29/2020
On 29 October UKAEA produced first plasma in their new fusion device MAST Upgrade. We look at how European researchers contributed and what MAST-U...
Neutral Beam Test Facility building in Padua, Italy

EUROfusion joins Neutral Beam Test Facility

Created by Gieljan de Vries |
A new Cooperation Agreement allows EUROfusion researchers to join work on ITER's largest heating system

ITER Magnets

The fascination of fusion and the power of international team work - interview with Alessandro Bonito-Oliva

Wall Material for Fusion Reactor Survives Hellish Conditions

EUROfusion consortium member DIFFER has shared some exciting news! Their linear device Magnum PSI has broken some new ground again! Read on!
Diffusion of defects in tungsten

Unfreezable Defects

New study reveals ground-breaking insights into neutron damage on superconducting magnets.

Long Read: Open Science - Part 2

Fusion in Europe
In part 2 we look at the people creating solutions for open science for EUROfusion.

JET researchers find ‘win-win’ scenario

Created by Richard Woodall | last updated: 05/15/2020
A vital discovery on how to force the extreme heatload away from a fusion reactor’s exhaust system while maintaining high performance has been...

Collective responsibility

Only through unified action and following regulations can the society can get back on its feet quickly.
Tony Donné

My reasons why

Fusion in EuropeEUROfusion
Tony Donné talks about why he believes in EUROfusion.

At the Plasma Edge

Fusion in Europe
Fusion Writer Michael Griener looks at the importance of the plasma edge.

Imaging Plasma Simulations

Fusion in Europe
Siobhan Smith takes pictures of simulated plasmas - essentially photographing code.