"Physics and Life" for Europe's Science Teachers

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The EIROforum Contribution to the European Science and Technology Week 2003

Leading European research organisations team up in EIROforum

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EIROforum will be formally established today with the signature of the Directors General of the seven, European intergovernmental research...

Leading European Intergovernmental Research Organisations at FP6 Launch Conference

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EIROforum at "European Research 2002" (Brussels, November 11-13, 2002)

Live Webcasts from CERN for European Science and Technology week

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Visit on 7- 8 November to find out what modern Europeans can't live without. Seven of Europe's leading Research...

World Record Plasma Discharge in Tore Supra

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On July 30th 2002, the engineers and scientists of the Association Euratom-CEA in Cadarache (France) have achieved a three and a half minutes long...

Major Progress in ITER negotiations

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Site Offers from European Union, Japan join Canada's

Physics on Stage 2 Festival

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Physics on Stage 2 is a festival for physics teachers, taking place at the European Space Agency`s Space Research and Technical Centre (ESTEC) in the...

The ITER Toroidal Field Model Coil has reached its maximum operating current of 80 kA

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On July 25 , 2001 the Nb3Sn superconducting ITER Toroidal Field Model Coil (TFMC) , installed in the TOSKA facility at the Forschungszentrum...