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Interview Marco de Baar: a bumpy way up

Created by Mariette Huisjes | Member News
Marco de Baar always knew that he would eventually hold a senior position in research. But he never thought this would be possible at DIFFER, the...

Strong Culham participation at leading European fusion conference

Member News
Culham scientists will share their expert research at the 47th European Physical Society’s (EPS) Plasma Physics conference this week (June 21 – June...

Wendelstein 7-X upgrading for next experimental campaign

Created by Hans-Stephan Bosch | Member News
An upgrade to the optimized stellarator fusion experiment Wendelstein 7-X at IPP in Greifswald, Germany will make it possible to stretch plasma...

Digital twins for fusion plasmas

Created by Isabella Milch | Member News
Major advances in plasma modelling and simulation allow for predicting what a fusion plasma will do instead of needing to interpret after the fact.

Strong Portuguese participation at ECPD2021

Created by Diana Amado | Member News
Two researchers from the Portuguese EUROfusion member IPFN contributed with oral presentations to the 4th edition of European Conference on Plasmas...

ITER Feedthrough prototypes pass testing successfully

Partner News
F4E Diagnostics and their supplier IDOM have performed extensive tests on the connectors that will carry ITER data from inside the experiment to...

Eleven EUROfusion Researcher Grants awarded

Created by Gieljan deVries | last updated: 06/15/2021 EUROfusion
The EUROfusion consortium for the realisation of fusion energy has awarded eleven EUROfusion Researcher Grants (ERG) to talented post-doctoral...

Bursting the bubble of artificial solar flares

Created by Gieljan deVries | EUROfusion
Triggering artificial solar flares early may help protect the inner wall of fusion research devices, show EUROfusion researchers.

ORNL reprises key supporting role in historic fusion experiments

Created by Kristen Coyne, ORNL | last updated: 06/11/2021 Partner News
As part of a long-running collaboration with Europe, ORNL is supporting landmark experiments aiming for a fusion milestone.

Symposium: fusion from a social science perspective

A symposium on 18 June explores the historical, organisational, diplomatic and economical sides of fusion.

Danish universities join fusion forces

Created by Gieljan deVries | last updated: 05/24/2021 EUROfusion
The new DANfusion consortium brings together groups from four Danish universities to strengthen the nation's fusion research.

Hungary’s secret to growing top fusion talent

Created by Gieljan deVries | last updated: 05/11/2021 EUROfusion
Young fusion researchers shine in student competition.

KIT Prints Tungsten Components by Electron Beam Melting

Created by Regina Link, KIT | last updated: 05/05/2021 Member News
Researchers of KIT have developed an innovative approach to making brittle Tungsten soft.

EU-US Breakthrough Mitigates Effects of Fusion Instabilities

last updated: 04/30/2021 Press releases
A new braking technique can protect future fusion devices from damage caused when fast electrons erupt from their 150-million-degree fusion plasma.

High Performance Computing and GENE-3D

Created by Marion Smedberg | last updated: 04/30/2021 Partner News
HPC plays an important role in the field of nuclear fusion. Supercomputers all over the world are used to simulate plasma-wall interactions, plasma...

Virtual reality guides engineers to perform ITER maintenance works

last updated: 04/29/2021 Partner News
Imagine having to repair the biggest fusion device without being able to step inside.

Machine learning speeds up modelling of nuclear fusion

Created by Anouck Vrouwe | Member News
News from EUROfusion member DIFFER: Using machine learning is a promising trend in modelling the behaviour of the plasma inside a nuclear fusion...

CHIMERA to transform fusion component testing

Created by Dr Tom Barrett |
Construction of a unique machine for testing fusion components is underway at EUROfusion partner UKAEA.

New HPC hub aims to harness the sun's energy

Created by Renata Vujica |
EPFL will soon be home to a European hub for high-performance computing focused on fusion power – a potential source of clean, risk-free energy. As...

New code will bring better power plant designs in a fraction of the time

Culham scientists are to develop a new software code capable of fast-tracking designs for future fusion power plants.