The fine tungsten print

The Institute for Applied Materials in Karlsruhe succeeded in the 3D printing of fusion relevant materials made out of tungsten.

WEST and its actively cool divertor

Testing materials for ITER under harsh fusion conditions

From ITER to cancer treatment

Cosylab, a spin-off from EUROfusion’s Slovenian Research Unit began its journey in 2001. Today it is a leading partner for software engineering...

EUROfusion welcomes its 2018 fellows

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The EUROfusion fellowship is one of the most important schemes of EUROfusion’s education and training programme.

Fusion in Europe IV, is out!

+ Envied EUROfusion programme + fusion and food-packaging + SPIDER+F4E: act as one! + and much more!
teaming up

Win-win: real-time collaboration between ITER and JET

Scientists from the Joint European Torus (JET) teamed up with software experts from ITER and Fusion for energy in order to update parts of the...
The Fusion Engine

Alternative Fusion Concepts: Helion Energy

| Fusion in Europe
Private companies worldwide try to bring fusion energy to life. Fusion in Europe's section 'Alternative Fusion Concepts' takes a look at 'Helion...
painting of the JET work environment by Sarah Moncrieff

JET as a pictorial record

| Fusion in Europe
Painter Sarah Moncrieff has painted a portrait of the world's largest tokamak. In the interview, she shares her thoughts on "fusing line, colour, mark...
Farah Hariri in front of the Large Hadron Collider.

Fusion en Marche!

| Fusion in Europe
Farah Hariri has a PhD in fusion, works at CERN and is more than willing to make Earth great again. The advisor to the Macron government has a...
the testing team at the High Voltage Laboratory of the company HSP

Along comes a SPIDER

| Fusion in Europe
Parts of ITER are located in Italy and they start operating this year. Seriously. Just look at the Padova Research on ITER Megavolt Accelerator. It's...
Johannes Schwemmer gave a speech

F4E: We need to act as one!

| Fusion in Europe
Fusion for Energy (F4E) has just turned ten. The organisation manages the European industrial contributions to ITER. - High-time for F4E's director to...
picture of Philippe Guittienne in front of his helicon plasma source.

What do fusion and food-packaging have in common?

Every good idea needs practical proof. Philippe Guitienne had one. His alternative source of plasma might be useful for both, fusion science and...
group picture WP JET3 Annual General Monitoring Meeting 2017

A lot of good neutron science

| Fusion in Europe
JET's scientists have been working feverishly to improve the neutron measurements for the most developed fusion experiment in the world. It's all...
EUROfusions Operation Tokamak game


EUROfusion at the Garching Open Door Day 2017, our Power Plant team in Japan, ITER workers smashing a coconut and a lot more to discover in our...
aerial view of the ITER construction site

outlook 2018

What's in it for EUROfusion? Check out our outlook for ITER, our Czech Research Unit and a further developing European-Chinese partnership for fusion...