Like father, like son

| Fusion in Europe
A sneak-peek into one of the stories in the upcoming issue of Fusion In Europe.

Call: EUROfusion Researcher Grants 2019-2020

Information to send proposals for 2019-2020 ERG

Profile: 2016 EUCYS winner

| Fusion in Europe
EUCYS winner Jaime Redondo Yuste interviewed for Fusion In Europe

Musical designs on JET

| Fusion in Europe
Electronic band Poupées Électriques has released its CD “JET – Nuclear Fusion Device”

Fusion Writers ..and Artists …wanted!

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How does a future of fusion look like? We ask writers and, this time, also artists to share their ideas in the autumn edition of Fusion in Europe....

A thought for JET

| Fusion in Europe
From the Fuel for Thought series: John Howarth, Member of the European Parliament, weighs in about the importance of collaboration for JET in the...

Towards Sino-European fusion collaboration

European and Chinese fusion programmes building foundations for future collaborations.

MareNostrum 4: Swimming toward a wave of simulations

The hallowed halls of a late 1800’s chapel seem an unlikely home for a supercomputer. Or does it?

Fusion in Europe I, 2018 is out!

Software company Cosylab designed the cover of this Fusion in Europe. The magazine also holds news on 3D printing of tungsten, the Barcelonan...

DONES and the highway to DEMO

What is DONES? Why do researchers think it’ll play a crucial role in the world where DEMO becomes a reality?

The fine tungsten print

The Institute for Applied Materials in Karlsruhe succeeded in the 3D printing of fusion relevant materials made out of tungsten.

WEST and its actively cool divertor

Testing materials for ITER under harsh fusion conditions

From ITER to cancer treatment

Cosylab, a spin-off from EUROfusion’s Slovenian Research Unit began its journey in 2001. Today it is a leading partner for software engineering...

EUROfusion welcomes its 2018 fellows

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The EUROfusion fellowship is one of the most important schemes of EUROfusion’s education and training programme.

Fusion in Europe IV, is out!

+ Envied EUROfusion programme + fusion and food-packaging + SPIDER+F4E: act as one! + and much more!