F4E launches Technology Transfer Award

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F4E has launched the “Technology Transfer Award” to inject new dynamism in the market and reward European companies and laboratories that can present...

Fusion causing a splash in dentistry

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How fusion alumnus Antonis Sergis developed a dentists' protocol to reduce Coronavirus spread

JET defies Covid to post a record-breaking year

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News from CCFE: JET defies Covid to post a record-breaking year

2020 Nuclear Fusion journal award to Prof. Christian Theiler

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News from the Swiss Plasma Center at EPFL

Expert panel approves next DEMO design phase

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From 19 to 25 November 2020, an independent expert panel reviewed EUROfusion's R&D and design work on DEMO, the future demonstration fusion power...

Hungarians to develop ITER protection system

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How can you quickly shut down runaway electrons in a fusion plasma? Shattering pellets of hydrogen ice may hold the answer.

Small but fierce: SPARC

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We talk to plasma physics expert professor Hartmut Zohm at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics for his expert insight.

World Science Day for Peace and Development

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Tuesday 10 November is the UNESCO World Science Day for Peace and Development. As a member of the European science organisation EIROforum, EUROfusion...

MAST Upgrade starts up its first plasma

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On 29 October UKAEA produced first plasma in their new fusion device MAST Upgrade. We look at how European researchers contributed and what MAST-U...
Neutral Beam Test Facility building in Padua, Italy

EUROfusion joins Neutral Beam Test Facility

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A new Cooperation Agreement allows EUROfusion researchers to join work on ITER's largest heating system

ITER Magnets

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The fascination of fusion and the power of international team work - interview with Alessandro Bonito-Oliva

Wall Material for Fusion Reactor Survives Hellish Conditions

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EUROfusion consortium member DIFFER has shared some exciting news! Their linear device Magnum PSI has broken some new ground again! Read on!
Diffusion of defects in tungsten

Unfreezable Defects

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New study reveals ground-breaking insights into neutron damage on superconducting magnets.

Long Read: Open Science - Part 2

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In part 2 we look at the people creating solutions for open science for EUROfusion.

JET researchers find ‘win-win’ scenario

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A vital discovery on how to force the extreme heatload away from a fusion reactor’s exhaust system while maintaining high performance has been...

Collective responsibility

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Only through unified action and following regulations can the society can get back on its feet quickly.
Tony Donné

My reasons why

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Tony Donné talks about why he believes in EUROfusion.

At the Plasma Edge

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Fusion Writer Michael Griener looks at the importance of the plasma edge.

Imaging Plasma Simulations

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Siobhan Smith takes pictures of simulated plasmas - essentially photographing code.

Press Start

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José Vicente writes that civic force may play an important role in the economics and importance of fusion on the global energy system.