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Fusion scientists drive groundwater research forward

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Fusion scientists at DIFFER, together with an international team of groundwater researchers, have written a paper on new ways to determine how fast...

Robotic snake solves fusion energy pipework challenge

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A new laser-welding ‘robotic snake’ developed by the UK Atomic Energy Authority has demonstrated its capability to operate inside of fusion energy...
Fish-eye view inside the Swiss fusion device TCV

Breaking a law of fusion

Future devices may be able to reach a higher fuel density - and energy performance - than was predicted before.

ITER Organization searching for a new Director-General

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The ITER parties have published a Solicitation Announcement for the position of Director-General of the ITER Organization.

Remembering ITER's Bernard Bigot

Dr Bernard Bigot, Director-General of the worldwide fusion research project ITER, passed away on 14 May 2022 due to illness.

ITER achieves big vacuum vessel lift

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ITER has lifted the first 1,380 tonne section of its plasma chamber.

EUROfusion condemns war in Ukraine and initiates measures

Following European Commission guidelines, EUROfusion implements restrictive measures and sanctions against organisations in Russia and Belarus.

F4E Technology Transfer Day

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an online event to innovate and find new collaboration opportunities around fusion technologies on 7th April 2022

Technology Transfer Award 2022

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A contest to reward the commercial use of fusion technologies in non-fusion markets.

Support for our Ukrainian colleagues

Our thoughts are with all our Ukrainian colleagues at this difficult time.

EPFL and DeepMind use AI to control plasmas for nuclear fusion

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Scientists at EPFL’s Swiss Plasma Center and DeepMind have jointly developed a new method for controlling plasma configurations for use in nuclear...

Tritium campaign prepares JET for the real deal

Created by Bruno van Wayenburg for EUROfusion | DT2EUROfusionJet
Dedicated experiments with the rare hydrogen isotope tritium prepared JET for the first campaign in decades with the fuel mix for future fusion power...

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On 11 February 2022, EUROfusion, as a member of EIROforum, celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Transferring fusion knowledge across generations

Created by Bruno van Wayenburg for EUROfusion | DT2EUROfusionJet
Fusion scientists talk about sharing their insights at the JET tokamak with future generations of researchers.

European researchers achieve fusion energy record

Record-breaking 59 megajoules of sustained fusion energy demonstrates potential of fusion

Making JET a technology test facility for ITER

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Major improvements have made the European fusion device JET an ideal technology test platform for ITER.

“I have heard that with fusion we can have our own stars”

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– a physical mock-up of EU DEMO tokamak in exhibition at CAE Conference 2021

EUROfusion signs Horizon Europe Grant Agreement

The EUROfusion consortium starts its new, comprehensive approach to developing fusion energy.

EUROfusion Engineering Grants for fifteen innovative researchers

The EEGs aim to attract top engineering talent by granting early-career engineers the opportunity to work on key technological challenges and develop...

Ten outstanding scientists receive EUROfusion Researcher Grants

The ERG grants enable early-career researchers to develop innovative ideas and techniques to advance EUROfusion's Roadmap to Fusion Energy.