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“I have heard that with fusion we can have our own stars”

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– a physical mock-up of EU DEMO tokamak in exhibition at CAE Conference 2021

EUROfusion signs Horizon Europe Grant Agreement

The EUROfusion consortium starts its new, comprehensive approach to developing fusion energy.

EUROfusion Engineering Grants for fifteen innovative researchers

The EEGs aim to attract top engineering talent by granting early-career engineers the opportunity to work on key technological challenges and develop...

Ten outstanding scientists receive EUROfusion Researcher Grants

The ERG grants enable early-career researchers to develop innovative ideas and techniques to advance EUROfusion's Roadmap to Fusion Energy.

Malta joins the EUROfusion programme

It is great pleasure that we welcome our new Consortium Member: the University of Malta!

How Switzerland and the UK stayed part of EUROfusion

Despite political hurdles, collaboration within EUROfusion allows EPFL and UKAEA to stay part of the consortium.

Joining the fusion debate at COP26

Created by Gieljan de Vries | EUROfusion
Prof. Sibylle Günter (IPP and EUROfusion) talks about the fusion panel discussion at COP26.

Taking fusion to COP26

The COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland featured fusion energy for the first time.

EUROfusion's new traveling exhibition opens in Marseille

Created by Gieljan deVries | last updated: 10/29/2021 EUROfusionFusion Expo
After a celebratory inauguration event in Marseille, the new traveling science exhibition Fusion, Power to the People is ready to bring the story of...

Successful first experiment with Upgraded Pilot-PSI

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The first experiment with Upgraded Pilot-PSI (UPP), DIFFER’s new facility, has been performed in September by master student Parwez Rasulyaar and the...

ICFRM-20 conference: approaching fusion energy through materials technology

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The 20th edition of the International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials (ICFRM-20) will be held online on 25-29th October 2021. This meeting is...

Exhibition brings fusion power to the people of Marseille

EUROfusionFusion Expo
The European research consortium EUROfusion presents a game-based exhibition blending art, science and technology to explore fusion energy and get...

8-bit PhD Event 2021

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FuseNet organises its annual PhD Event for the eighth time on 22–23 November. The virtual venue of this year is Register now!

A Sandblaster at the Atomic Level

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From semiconductors to moon rocks: Many materials are treated with ion beams. A research group at TU Wien has now been able to explain how this...

SOFT Innovation Prize open for submissions

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The SOFT Innovation Prize rewards outstanding researchers or industries who try to find new solutions, possibly with wider applications, to the...

F4E Open Call for Fusion Technology Transfer Demonstrator Proposals

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A unique opportunity to accelerate technology transfer by funding one promising demonstrator project.

An actively cooled divertor for WEST

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The WEST tokamak has just installed an actively cooled tungsten divertor as its main plasma-facing component

Artificial Intelligence helps nuclear fusion

Created by Gonçalo Figueira | Member News
Artificial intelligence helps tame instabilities in hot plasmas.

Fusion research in the Czech Republic: endings and beginnings

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The COMPASS tokamak ends: the new era of fusion research begins in the Czech Republic

Wendelstein 7-X concept proves its efficiency

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Part of the optimisation strategy experimentally confirmed / energy losses of the plasma reduced