Bursting the bubble of artificial solar flares

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Triggering artificial solar flares early may help protect the inner wall of fusion research devices, show EUROfusion researchers.

ORNL reprises key supporting role in historic fusion experiments

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As part of a long-running collaboration with Europe, ORNL is supporting landmark experiments aiming for a fusion milestone.

Symposium: fusion from a social science perspective

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A symposium on 18 June explores the historical, organisational, diplomatic and economical sides of fusion.

Danish universities join fusion forces

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The new DANfusion consortium brings together groups from four Danish universities to strengthen the nation's fusion research.

Hungary’s secret to growing top fusion talent

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Young fusion researchers shine in student competition.

KIT Prints Tungsten Components by Electron Beam Melting

Created by Regina Link, KIT | last updated: 05/05/2021 | HighlightsRSS-feedMember News
Researchers of KIT have developed an innovative approach to making brittle Tungsten soft.

EU-US Breakthrough Mitigates Effects of Fusion Instabilities

last updated: 04/30/2021 | HighlightsRSS-feedPress releases
A new braking technique can protect future fusion devices from damage caused when fast electrons erupt from their 150-million-degree fusion plasma.

High Performance Computing and GENE-3D

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HPC plays an important role in the field of nuclear fusion. Supercomputers all over the world are used to simulate plasma-wall interactions, plasma...

Virtual reality guides engineers to perform ITER maintenance works

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Imagine having to repair the biggest fusion device without being able to step inside.

Machine learning speeds up modelling of nuclear fusion

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News from EUROfusion member DIFFER: Using machine learning is a promising trend in modelling the behaviour of the plasma inside a nuclear fusion...

CHIMERA to transform fusion component testing

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Construction of a unique machine for testing fusion components is underway at EUROfusion partner UKAEA.

New HPC hub aims to harness the sun's energy

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EPFL will soon be home to a European hub for high-performance computing focused on fusion power – a potential source of clean, risk-free energy. As...

New code will bring better power plant designs in a fraction of the time

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Culham scientists are to develop a new software code capable of fast-tracking designs for future fusion power plants.

Can three-ion heating calm fusion plasmas?

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How a clever plasma-heating technique may let fusion researchers study and calm their fickle plasmas.

30 years of ASDEX Upgrade

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Operating modes developed for JET, ITER and DEMO / only tungsten machine worldwide

Advanced computing grants for fusion

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EUROfusion E-TASC enables 19 theory and advanced simulation projects

Hot idea: gold-streaked fusion implosions

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Can you boost laser-driven fusion implosions by seeding the fuel with gold? A creative idea from the world of nanoplasmonics fails to take root in...

EUROfusion awards 16 Enabling Research Projects

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The EUROfusion consortium for the realisation of fusion energy has awarded 16 Enabling Research Projects to scientists across Europe. These grants...

Hollowing out pearls with watchmaker's tools

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Tiny hand-made pellets may show the way to tracking how unwanted impurities migrate throughout fusion plasmas.

Testing fusion walls for ITER in WEST

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During its last campaign in 2020, the French WEST tokamak continued to put wall solutions for ITER to the test.