EUROfusion welcomes its 2018 fellows

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The 2018 EUROfusion Fellows and the consortium member laboratory at which they will carry out their research.

The EUROfusion fellowship is one of the most important schemes of EUROfusion’s education and training programme.

A core function of EUROfusion is supporting education and training activities in fusion research. And the EUROfusion fellowship, awarded annually, is one of the most important schemes of the consortium’s education and training programme. The fellowship schemes are divided into two types: the Researcher Grants and the Engineering Grants. And, in 2018 EUROfusion has welcomed 12 research and 21 engineering grantees.

The 33 EUROfusion fellows who will carry out their work in a EUROfusion consortium member laboratory were selected from a pool of about 60 candidates. Emilia Genangeli, the Head of Administration for EUROfusion and responsible for the fellowship schemes says, “Each year I’m impressed by how highly qualified and experienced these young scientists are.”
The research grants run for two years and the engineering grants for three. The next call will be published in 2018 summer.

word cloud of 2018 EUROfusion Fellows

The EUROfusion General Assembly, the highest decisive body in the consortium, allocates a budget to support fusion-related PhD and pre-doctoral studies of students from member states. Approximately 15% of the 2014-2018 EUROfusion budget is allocated for education and training programmes.

  • 41M€ for Education
  • 23.4M€ for Training