Fernando Serra new Head of Portuguese EURATOM Association

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EUROfusion was established in 2014 to succeed the European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA). This article stems from EFDA times and may be outdated.

picture of Fernando Serra


In March 2007, Fernando Manuel Moreira Serra has been appointed President of CFN and Head of the Portuguese EURATOM/IST Association. Fernando Serra took over from Carlos Varandas, who´s deputy he had been for the last four years. Varandas is now acting as Head of the Control and Data-Acquisition Group at CFN. Together with Carlos Varandas, Fernando Serra also represents the Portuguese delegation at the governing board of the European Legal Entity for ITER (ELE).

Born in Lisbon in 1951, Fernando Serra graduated in Electrical Engineering at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), before he received his doctor´s degree in physics and, in 2006, his "agregation" in Engineering Physics, a qualification for civil service education. As Serra pointed out, his main challenges as Head of Research Unit will be to pursue the close collaboration of the Portuguese Association with EFDA and the participation in the ITER construction. "The workplan for 2008 until 2010 is clearly layed out", Serra said. "We will continue our collaboration on JET and on many of the European laboratories. With ITER, we expect a significant involvement in the areas of microwave reflectometry and CODAC. We recently invited Portuguese companies to express their interest in the ITER CODAC conceptual design; as a first result, six companies have signed up."