Horizon EUROfusion event announces start of conceptual power plant design

At a livestreamed event in Brussels on 5 July 2022, EUROfusion will celebrate the start of conceptual design activities for Europe's first demonstration fusion power plant DEMO. This first-of-a-kind fusion device would demonstrate the net production of 300 to 500 megawatts of clean and safe fusion energy to the grid by the middle of the century.


The Horizon EUROfusion event is the first in a planned annual series where the EUROfusion consortium shares an update on European progress in fusion research and looks at what is ahead. This year, we will celebrate key results like the consortium's recent fusion energy record and progress towards a heat exhaust for future fusion power plants. We will also look ahead at EUROfusion's new seven-year research programme and present collaborations to grow Europe's fusion industry and spin-off new technologies.

Developing fusion energy

Fusion is the process that powers stars like our sun and promises an inherently safe and near-limitless clean energy source for the long term here on earth. Fusion energy would generate immense amounts of energy from mere grams of abundant fuels found worldwide.

The EUROfusion research consortium brings together experts from across Europe in the world's leading and most comprehensive fusion R&D programme. EUROfusion is co-funded by the European Union via the Euratom Research and Training Programme. From JET to ITER to DEMO, the European fusion roadmap lays out the consortium's path towards industrial-scale fusion power plant technology by the middle of the century.

EUROfusion activities directly support the global fusion experiment ITER and work with European industry to develop the first-of-a-kind demonstration fusion power plant DEMO. Earlier this year, EUROfusion researchers showed the potential of fusion by setting a world record of 59 megajoules of sustained fusion energy at the Joint European Torus device (JET) in Culham, UK.

Horizon EUROfusion event

The Horizon EUROfusion event takes place from 10h - 12h30 CEST on 5 July 2022 at the Representation of the German State of Mecklenburg Vorpommern at the European Union, in Brussels, Belgium. The event is open to all via livestream and later a recording. Check out the Horizon EUROfusion webpage here.


  • Dr Lars Friedrichsen (State of Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany)
    Director, Representation of the State of Mecklenburg Vorpommern at the European Union
    Word of Welcome
  • Ms Bettina Martin (State of Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany)
    Minister for Science, Culture and Federal / European Affairs
    Introductory remarks
  • Ms Joanna Drake (European Commission)
    Deputy Director-General, DG Research & Innovation
    The European Fusion programme’s support to the EU climate goals
  • Prof Dr Sibylle Günter (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Germany)
    Co-chair of EUROfusion General Assembly
    A look back at EUROfusion during Horizon 2020
  • Prof Dr Ambrogio Fasoli (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
    Chair of EUROfusion General Assembly
    A look forward to Horizon EUROfusion
  • 20 Watts – short video on fusion
  • Dr Tuomas Tala (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
    Head of the Fusion Research Unit
    The impact of EUROfusion in Finland and its role in FinnFusion
  • Ms María Teresa Domínguez Bautista (Empresarios Agrupados energy engineering, Spain)
    Advanced Projects Director
    The role of industry in fusion
  • Dr Wouter Vijvers (Chromodynamics, the Netherlands)
    Founder and CEO
    From public research in fusion to a start up
  • Ms Rosalinde van der Vlies (European Commission)
    Director of Clean Planet Directorate, DG Research & Innovation
    Closing and the Way Forward