Collective responsibility: need of the hour

Like the whole of Europe, and indeed the world, the EUROfusion community is confronted with the spread of COVID-19. As a community, EUROfusion is doing everything it can to act with collective responsibility. At the level of individuals, it means changing our daily routines and habits. As a fusion research community, it means following the situation closely on a daily basis and deciding how, when and which operations to continue.

In many, if not all, of the EUROfusion consortium member countries, there are mandated restrictions on movement and travel. Working from home whenever possible is the new norm. EUROfusion takes these regulations very seriously because it is only through unified action and following regulations that the society can get back on its feet quickly. The EUROfusion Programme Management Unit staff, both at the Garching and Culhum sites, will continue to work under these circumstances to the best of their abilities. 

It is inevitable that experimental campaigns will be affected and some aspects will see a slowdown (albeit that for the time being the ASDEX-Upgrade and JET campaigns will continue as far as reasonably possible with locally-based staff and making use of remote participation). Future scheduled campaigns might be put on hold until further notice, and experimental sessions that cannot be properly manned will be cancelled. However, all decisions are being made in such a way that the fusion community is able to pick up and resume pace when normalcy returns.