The 2019 fusion writers' edition out!

It is that time of the year again when Fusion In Europe becomes a platform to showcase the writings of 'Fusion Writers.' The fourth edition of the Fusion Writers' issue will give readers an idea of the challenges faced in fusion research, and how the writers, most of them from the field, are rising to the challenge!

"This year we have the honour of featuring 11 stories from fusioneers who’ve volunteered their time and tales to entertain, enthral, educate and elucidate you. Each contributor has not only dared to bare their souls, but experienced first-hand the challenges of scientific storytelling, of turning their experiences in the almost unfathomably complex discipline of fusion research and studies into easily digestible, commonly comprehensible and well-baked sound bites," writes editor Karl Tischler.

But with this issue, we bring you something more! A chance to vote for the story that impacted you the most. So we invite you to dive into 11 fascinating stories and tell us which one you liked best and why.