EUROfusion welcomes new grantees

Every year EUROfusion awards Research and Engineering Grants as part of its endeavour to support education and training in fusion research.

In 2019, EUROfusion has welcomed 11 research and 15 engineering grantees. The 26 EUROfusion fellows who will carry out their work in a EUROfusion consortium member laboratory were selected from a pool of about 59 candidates.

In order to be selected to get the research grant, the proposed research project must be a scientific or technical topic relevant to the objectives of the European Fusion Programme. And, the core criterion for awarding the grant is the qualification of the candidate and the merit of his/her proposal.  In case of the engineering grant, the awarded proposals address one or more of the high priority areas, which are defined by the EUROfusion Programme Manager in agreement with partner organisations such as Fusion for Energy, the European Domestic Agency for ITER. The research grants run for two years and the engineering grants for three. The next call will be published in 2019 summer.

The EUROfusion General Assembly, the highest decisive body in the consortium, allocates a budget to support fusion-related PhD and pre-doctoral studies of students from member states.

The budget for the years 2019-2020 is as follows:

  • 8 M€/year for Education
  • 6.5 M€/year for Training

Research grants

Engineering grants