Fusion in Peru: Battling inequality and climate change

My hope is that one day nuclear fusion will be a new and much better energy option for the people of Peru. And that the country would abandon traditional methods of resource extraction, which, through the decades, have only brought pollution and destruction to our ecosystem. Moreover, the availability of fusion energy will reduce the effects of climate change. We also have to consider alternatives to renewable sources since experts have already calculated that solar and wind will not be able to produce sufficient energy to replace fossil fuels and nuclear fission plants.

Future plans to achieve fusion: More than a dream

If we literally look at the situation on the ground now, we can clearly see that there are no fusion energy experts in abundance available in Peru as yet. But a critical mass, although small, is forming in various developed countries.

Anyway, IPEN (Instituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear), the Peruvian Institute of Nuclear Energy, could develop an infrastructure for a research and development programme. Just as Europe has done, and it is possible to obtain fusion facilities "second hand" from countries that are modernising their devices in order to develop a Peruvian fusion energy infrastructure from this point onwards.

Dreams, hope and developmental pursuit

When I left Peru I wanted to become a critical mind. I wanted to be able to develop a future vision for my country, to contribute my experience, however small, to pursuing that reality. I dream of being able to show my country that the options for development and equality can start with wondering about the universe, and continue by using the knowledge that nature provides us with.