Fusion as a benefit

I did some research on the benefits of the fusion energy and tried to chronicle it in the most creative way. I have launched it with the introduction that explains the overall benefits of fusion, perhaps more insights on the safety side. Also, I have explained the need for fusion energy and why it is a must for us in the future (complimented then and there with the simple sketches for easy understanding) and then concluded with the futuristic fusion scenarios.

Benefits of fusion

Despite being technically non-renewable, fusion power has many of the benefits of renewable energy sources, such as being a long-term energy supply and not emitting greenhouse gases since they do not use resource-limited energy sources like fossil fuels.

Like the current nuclear fission, fusion will provide a very high power-generation density and uninterrupted power delivery because it is independent from the weather, unlike wind and solar power. Fusion production costs do not suffer from diseconomies of scale. The cost of water and wind energy can be estimated by way of the perfect planning and development of optimal locations first. In future, the initial fusion power plants could be sited in less ideal locations. It uses only very little fuel, for example a 2 GW plant uses about 500 kg of fuel). Also, it produces radiotoxic waste which is easier to handle than the remains which come from a fission power plant.