A desert ride

Since I moved from a private company to EUROfusion’s Italian Research Unit, I was keen to be part of the fusion family, to build a better future for everyone. Nowadays with Fusion for Energy and EUROfusion, the start of fusion Energy is a fact to me now. The story, I wrote, unfolds in a better future of which I have always dreamt.

An excerpt

Alex cannot help but think that this is not only due to technical breakthroughs in medicine. 50 years ago, Sudan was a war-torn country. At that time, no man in possession of all his marbles would have entered the Nubian Desert with his family. Even if the drought and the lack of water on this side of the Earth would not have killed him, military groups surely would.

“As soon as the first commercial fusion reactor had generated power, plenty of reactors were built around the world. There was no longer any need for coal, oil, or fossil fuels; as we used to call them back then, as well as uranium.”

“The first consequence was that there was no more war over the control of the oil reserves in the world.” Alex started to enjoy this little lecture because his memories were still vivid. “We had realised by that time anyhow, that oil was sparse although most of our engines ran on it. This was one reason to push for fusion energy. Secondly, we were able to enable better distribution of energy, even to remote parts in the world which had suffered from a lack of distribution for many years. In doing so, we also decreased the greenhouse gas emissions which, in the end, saved our planet.”