Profile: 2016 EUCYS winner

Every year the European Union hands out the EUCYS prize to winners of a contest tp support young scientists in various scientific fields. It offers students the opportunity to compete at the European level. As one of the eight EIROforum members, EUROfusion is part of EUCYS. Each EIROforum member awards a special prize. EUROfusion offers one lucky contestant a one week visit to the fusion experiment JET in Culham, England. In 2016, the winner was Jaime Redondo Yuste.


In 2017, Jaime visited the Joint European Torus, where he took a tour of the fusion research facilities and had a chance to interact with the researchers there. The March 2018 Fusion In Europe carries an interview of this young man who already has quite a few achievements under his belt, all before he has hit 20. Jaime has authored Samurai-themed novel and given a TEDxYouth talk in Madrid while being busy will scince education. His entry for the EUCYS contest was titled, "A study of interaction between magnetic field and electronic ions,” in which he carried out simulations about what precisely is happening in the fusion plasma. Jaime who studies mathematics and physics performed the experiments in his high school lab and also discovered that his approach is important for other applications. “It might be useful for the space industry too, for instance. Because they are also looking for material solutions that can stand harsh environments,” the says.

Interview with Jaime

Flip through the March 2018 Fusion In Europe  to read the interview with Jaime. The article is titled: EUCYS winner Jaime: Samurai, JET and a fusion novel.