Musical designs on JET

The April 2017 issue of Fusion in Europe had taken you behind the scenes of a special music album creation, one where EUROfusion’s flagship device JET played the lead. The Spanish electronic band Poupées Électriques captured the sounds of JET and developed a record with nine tracks. The album titled “JET – Nuclear Fusion Device” had its CDs released in Spring 2018.

The band has mixed JET’s sounds with percussions, piano and the quirky electronical musical instrument Theremin to create 50 minutes of ‘fusion music.’ Band frontman Carlos Arillo says he is always been on the lookout for futuristic sounds, and so obviously could not pass a chance to record JET. “Fusion is the energy of the future and I try to create the soundtrack of the future. It’s vital to connect it to the energy of the future,” he says.

The band has already played at electronic music festivals and at some special fusion anniversaries like the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the first plasma from Spanish stellarator TJ-II.

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Read more about the CD release in the March 2018 Fusion In Europe  edition in the article titled "JET's first CD out now!"