A thought for JET

JET is an EU venture through and through. It is far too big a project for any one nation state and it hinges on cross-border collaboration and involves scientists from every EU member state and beyond. ~John Howarth, Member of the European Parliament

The "Fuel for Thought" series in 'Fusion In Europe' features the statements and opinions of policymakers, stakeholders and industry leaders about fusion. The March edition carried the words of the  Labour MEP for South East England John Howarth. Howarth is a member of the European Parliament’s Budget Committee, a substitute member of the Regional Development Committee and a member of the European Parliament Delegation to the Caribbean. Before being returned to the Parliament, he spent 28 years as a business owner, director and consultant.

JET and the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy are based in Oxfordshire, in Howarth's South East England constituency. And he visited JET in November 2017. He describes what he witnessed during his visit as an "incredibly impressive feat of science." "The hundreds of researchers, engineers and technicians visit the centre to conduct experiments. The parts used to assemble the world’s biggest nuclear fusion experiment so far, come from all around the Union. Crucially, so does the €283 million that underpins the JET programme for the five years through 2018," he says. And  Howarth is keenly aware that Brexit could threaten fusion research. He hosted a reception for Members of the European Parliament entitled ‘Fusion after Brexit’ to discuss the implications of the UK’s departure from Euratom on European Nuclear Fusion Research.

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Read his entire statement in the March issue of  Fusion In Europe.