Magnum-PSI's time to shine

"We will gain the first detailed look into how ITER's wall materials will evolve during their lifetime in the reactor, something no other experiment is able to investigate," ~Thomas Morgan, head of DIFFER's research into plasma material interactions

The latest world record in fusion research comes from The Netherlands. Operating with superconducting magnets since 2017, Magnum-PSI at DIFFER (Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research) has set a new record for the longest exposure of a material to the harsh plasma conditions in a fusion device.

Magnum-PSI exposed tungsten wall components to the equivalent of a full year of high power fusion operations in the future ITER reactor. So, why is it important to expose tungsten to harsh plasma conditions? Simply, because thse are the conditions expected in ITER's exhaust system, once ITER is operational, and experiments such as those conducted in Magnum PSI, will give insights about materials that can be used in ITER and future fusion reactors. The upcoming issue of Fusion In Europe will carry an article about the record-breaking experiment. And, you can also get all the details from the DIFFER News page.