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Raking out the fusion ashes

Created by Gieljan deVries | EUROfusion
EUROfusion and QST researchers show their plasma can sweep itself clean of fusion's helium ashes.

When plasma is unstable: physicists tested sudden energy collapses in a tokamak

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An extensive series of experiments has been carried out by researchers from the Institute of Plasma Physics of the CAS and the international ITER...

The next Step for ASDEX Upgrade

Created by Frank Fleschner | Highlights Member or PartnerMember News
910 project activities in 514 days: In a complex conversion project, the Garching fusion experiment is being overhauled and equipped with divertor...

Women in Fusion website launched

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New global network strives for gender parity in fusion, improving diversity and increasing the visibility of women’s contributions to fusion.

A camera to “see” ITER neutrons

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Finishing a detector design that will see neutron fusion products in ITER.

"Sometimes you need to inject some pragmatism"

Created by Gieljan deVries | EUROfusion
Re-elected general assembly chair Ambrogio Fasoli shares the secret of EUROfusion.

COMPASS disruptions help advance ITER

last updated: 07/19/2022 Highlights Member or PartnerMember News
Extensive studies of plasma disruptions at the COMPASS tokamak will help to improve models for ITER.

Europe ready to light up blazing fire of negative ions

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How companies and researchers prepare a full-scale prototype of ITER's neutral beam heating.

On the way to the next stellarator generation

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At the Simons Workshop, international theorists discussed designing even better stellarators.

Calls for early-career grants 2023 opened

EUROfusion's grants support early-career scientists and engineers in fusion energy.

Grant for holistic fusion control system

Created by David Redeker | Highlights Member or PartnerMember News
DIFFER researcher Matthijs van Berkel receives a prestigious grant from the Dutch National Research Council NWO.

'A bet became unavoidable'

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How JET's new fusion energy record settled a 34-year old wager with PPPL.

DEMO's state of the art

last updated: 07/04/2022 EUROfusion
A special issue of the scientific journal Fusion Engineering & Design presents the state of the art in designing Europe's demonstration fusion power...

Starting power plant design

last updated: 06/28/2022 EUROfusion
The Horizon EUROfusion event on 5 July presents past and future fusion research highlights.

Fusion scientists drive groundwater research forward

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Fusion scientists at DIFFER, together with an international team of groundwater researchers, have written a paper on new ways to determine how fast...

Robotic snake solves fusion energy pipework challenge

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A new laser-welding ‘robotic snake’ developed by the UK Atomic Energy Authority has demonstrated its capability to operate inside of fusion energy...
Fish-eye view inside the Swiss fusion device TCV

Breaking a law of fusion

Future devices may be able to reach a higher fuel density - and energy performance - than was predicted before.

ITER Organization searching for a new Director-General

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The ITER parties have published a Solicitation Announcement for the position of Director-General of the ITER Organization.

Remembering ITER's Bernard Bigot

Dr Bernard Bigot, Director-General of the worldwide fusion research project ITER, passed away on 14 May 2022 due to illness.

ITER achieves big vacuum vessel lift

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ITER has lifted the first 1,380 tonne section of its plasma chamber.