Picture Gallery

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  • picture of Octant section installation
  • picture of Cooling pipes
  • picture of Flywheel Generator construction
  • picture of Aerial photo of construction site
  • picture of Foundations for the main J1 building
  • picture of Multichannel interferometer
  • picture of LHCD Launcher Waveguides
  • picture of 3D characterisation of a PINI
  • Infrared image of Iter-like Wall
  • Internal view of the JET vacuum vessel
  • Internal view of the JET vacuum vessel
  • Internal view of the JET vacuum vessel
  • picture of Remote Handling Control Room
  • picture of KG1 Laser Desk
  • drawing of High Resolution Thomson Scattering Diagnostic
  • Oldie but goldie. 1980's drawing of the JET machine
  • picture of Torus Hall
  • picture of Ion Cyclotron Resonant Heating Transmission Lines
  • Aerial view of the JET site
  • picture of Galden Cooling System
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