1 December

Operation Tokamak

Want to get a feel of what it is like to be a “Tokamak Operator"?

2 December

SOFT Opening Ceremony

Orchestra a Plettro, Taormina at Opening Ceremony, SOFT 2018

3 December

Poupees Electrique

This is the sound of fusion!

4 December

A special cover

Designed by Cosylab

5 December

The plasma ball

Let's explain the fourth state of matter

6 December

Women at SOFT 2018

A special networking event

7 December

Polaroid giveaway

a shout out to the analogue times

8 December

Shooting smoke rings


9 December

Eva Belonohy at JET

why working on JET experiments is exciting

10 December

Andreas Dinklage at W 7-X

explains the workings and structure of the machine

11 December

inside MAST Upgrade

more than 30,000 new components

12 December

The humans behind the machine

13 December

Remote handling at JET

Unlike conventional robotics, remote handling always involves a human being within the process.

14 December

Inside PSI-2

Studying long-term effects of plasma-wall interaction, characterising wall materials

15 December

Inside Magnum PSI

Studying plasma-wall interactions in a fusion reactor

16 December

Inside Wendelstein 7-X

the world’s largest stellarator

17 December

Inside WEST

Studying Tungsten components and behaviour

18 December

Details from JET

fuelling it up!

19 December


powerful microwave sources

20 December

Magnum PSI

a linear fusion device

21 December


a linear fusion device

22 December


through a fisheye

23 December


through a bird's eye

24 December


... EUROfusion-branded!

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Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year!