Media inquiries

Journalists who seek interview partners are kindly asked to send their request to media-inquiries AT euro-fusion DOT org. The email is received by the Head of Communications (EUROfusion), Dr Petra Nieckchen and Media Manager Nick Holloway from the Culham  Centre for Fusion Energy. Both organisations collaborate on all levels to scientifically exploit and operate the Joint European Torus, JET, a European experiment funded entirely by Euratom.

Picture Requests

All pictures credited ‘EUROfusion’ are free to use under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. For more information see or contact our Communications Officer Misha Kidambi (misha.kidambi AT euro-fusion DOT org).

EUROfusion Communications Office

Petra Nieckchen
phone: +49-89-3299-4123
Petra.Nieckchen AT euro-fusion DOT org

Aline Dürmaier
phone: +49-89-3299-4263
Aline.Duermaier AT euro-fusion DOT org

Editor Fusion in Europe
Anne Purschwitz
phone: +49-89-3299-4128
Anne.Purschwitz AT euro-fusion DOT org

Communications Officer
Misha Kidambi
phone: +49-89-3299-2057
Misha.Kidambi AT euro-fusion DOT org

Responsible Officer Fusion Expo
Mohamed Belhorma
phone: +49-89-3299-2056
Mohamed.Belhorma AT euro-fusion DOT org