JET: EUROfusion's flagship device

JET, based at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE), UK, is the central research facility of the European Fusion Programme, and it is the largest and most successful fusion experiment in the world. JET is collectively used under EUROfusion's management by more than 30 European laboratories. Over 350 scientists and engineers from all over Europe contribute to the JET programme.


scientists from all over Europe work at JET

Research at JET

JET serves as the "test-bed" for ITER and is often referred to as "Little ITER". Read more.


JET's Salient Features

From its ITER-like wall to being the only machine that currently operates with a deuterium-tritium fuel, read more about JET's salient features.


JET History

From its first experimental campaign on 25 June 1983, JET has come a long way. Get an overview of some of the milestones it achieved.