Realising Fusion Electricity

Source: EUROfusion; CC BY 4.0 licence.

The road to fusion electricity

The EUROfusion roadmap forms the basis for the programmes of EUROfusion and Fusion for Energy and provides a clear and structured way forward to commercial electricity from fusion.

Since 2013, when the first version of the Roadmap was published, the European fusion community has made significant advances in many areas. These include successfully integrating tungsten into the tokamak wall, gaining a greatly advanced understanding of the material properties that will be required by ITER and DEMO, and completing the construction and operation of the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator.

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Near term

  • Construction of ITER
  • Research & Development in support of ITER
  • Deuterium-tritium operation of JET
  • Concept Design phase of DEMO
  • Research & Development for DEMO
  • Construction of a fusion materials testing facility, IFMIF-DONES
  • Scientific and technological exploitation of the stellarator concept

First plasma

Research on present and planned facilities, analysis and modelling

Medium term

  • First scientific and technological exploitation of ITER
  • First exploitation of IFMIF-DONES
  • Engineering Design phase of DEMO with industrial involvement
  • Development of power plant materials and technologies
  • Possible further development of the stellarator concept

Full performance

Exploit ITER, IFMIF-DONES and design DEMO

Long term

  • High performance and advanced technology results from ITER
  • Qualify long-life materials for DEMO and power plants with IFMIF-DONES
  • Finalisation of the design of DEMO
  • Construction of DEMO
  • Demonstration of electricity generation
  • Commercialisation of technologies and materials
  • Deployment of fusion together with industry

Electricity production

ITER results, DEMO & electricity, industry involvement