Fusion in Europe, new issue out!

In this issue of Fusion In Europe, editor Karl Tischler asks the question “Why Fusion?”

‘Why should we continue to invest our physicist’s time and our taxes into researching and realising a source of power that will, if all goes well, start feeding into the electrical grid sometime after 2060?’

Many of our generation may not see fusion electricity in our lifetimes. But the only way to ensure that our children and grandchildren have fusion electricity to bank on is to invest in fusion research today. Fusion in Europe shares the reasons for “Why Fusion,” gathered from within the fusion community, in this issue. The hope is to inspire others to learn about fusion. That could increase the support for fusion. Which will help us realise it all the sooner.

The issue also presents the benefits that our society is reaping today because of fusion research: through spin-offs. This time, the spin-off series highlights the video tracking tool APREX. Science journalist Daniel Clery’s article takes an objective look at the various fusion technologies, including alternatives to the tokamak, and EUROfusion’s Marie-Line Mayoral gives insights into how modelling is powering fusion experiments. There are also some visual treats: a pull-out poster of the linear device PSI-2 and a collection of fantastic fusion images from the Wigner Research Centre for Physics in Hungary.