Resources for educators

If fusion is going to power the future, it needs a generation of well-trained fusion researchers and engineers. Here we provide resources that educators, especially those from the STEM fields, can use to help students gain a better understating of what nuclear fusion entails.

Fusion basics

An overview of all the fusion basics: from how fusion works on the Sun, to why and how researchers are trying to replicate it on Earth, from how fusion and fission differ to a peek into the history of the field.


Talk and Tell

Check out our Fusion Template Kit, where you'll find neat, simple & easy-to-share presentations about fusion basics.


Fusion faqs

A list of some questions that we have received and answered about fusion science & technology, its safety, how fusion compares to other energy forms and more.


Science in School

A unique free magazine published by EIROforum and aimed at science teachers, Science in School provides materials and projects in science education, and up-to-date information on cutting-edge science, including fusion.