Fusion Spin-offs

From labs to industry and society

Spinning off from fusion

Fusion research with its complex, multidisciplinary nature has pushed advances in disciplines ranging from medical technology and environment to astrophysics and material sciences. The energy source of tomorrow has become a technology driver of today!

Within EUROfusion a consortium featuring 6 brokers, FUTTA II (Fusion Technology Transfer Activities) supports innovative projects in Europe through the promotion of fusion technologies and their applications.


Latest stories

Start-up Chromodynamics: exploring possibilities to take imaging technologies from fusion to medicine.


Cover Fusion in Europe 1|2018

Slovenian start-up Cosylab: using knowledge gathered working for ITER to set up infrastructures for complex machines worldwide.


picture of Philippe Guittienne in front of his helicon plasma source.

Spin-off Helyssen has taken expertise gained in fusion to food-packaging.