Fusion project ITER presented to European Industry

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Over six hundred representatives from European industry and fusion research institutes gathered in Barcelona on 13/14 December, for a two-day workshop...

India becomes full partner in fusion project ITER

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Yesterday, India was welcomed as a full partner to the international fusion energy project ITER. This decision was taken on December 6th, 2005, at the...

Interview with JD Lawson

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John D Lawson, well known for his derivation of the Lawson criterion - a fundamental criterion (or principle) in fusion research - originally trained...

50 years of Lawson criteria

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"In a terrestrial reactor of controllable size (...) it does not seem possible to contain neutrons, but it is not inconceivable that the charged...

Success of T-3 – breakthrough for tokamaks

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"Measurements have been made of the electron temperature and density of the plasma in the toroidal discharge apparatus Tokamak T3 at the Kurchatov...

JET demonstrates alpha particle heating

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In a magnetic confinement fusion reactor the plasma self-heating is provided by "alpha particles" - charged fusion products. JET unambiguously...

Discovery of E=mc2

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Albert Einstein was only 26 when he published the brief, 3-page article that announced the equivalence between mass and energy, known today as E=mc2...

Discovery of the energy source in stars

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“A star is drawing on some vast reservoir of energy by means unknown to us. This reservoir can scarcely be other than the sub-atomic energy which,...

The ITER initiative

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“The two leaders emphasized the potential importance of the work aimed at utilizing controlled thermonuclear fusion for peaceful purposes and,...

Growth of European fusion collaboration

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“Let me go back to 1958 when EURATOM was constituted having fusion as a modest element of the initial research programme. In September of the same...

Origin of the word “plasma”

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“We noticed the similarity of the discharge structures. (…) Langmuir pointed out the importance and probable wide bearing of this fact. We...

Discovery of the high confinement mode

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“At t=1.18 s, the density suddenly increases without modifications from the external controls. The gas valve closes, but nevertheless the...

Nobel Lecture of Hannes Alfvén

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“It was the wonders of the night sky, observed by Indians, Sumerians or Egyptians, that started science several thousand years ago. It was the...

"Physics and Life"-Teachers Meet Scientists at Major EIROforum event

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Year-long educational programme culminates at ESA 's ESTEC site with the unique "Physics on Stage 3" festival during the European Science and...

Fusion Down Under

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Fusion research at EFDA-JET was featured on prime-time New Zealand TV this week in a breakfast TV item by Pat Pilcher, a Wellington based journalist...

"Physics and Life" for Europe's Science Teachers

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The EIROforum Contribution to the European Science and Technology Week 2003

Leading European research organisations team up in EIROforum

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EIROforum will be formally established today with the signature of the Directors General of the seven, European intergovernmental research...

Leading European Intergovernmental Research Organisations at FP6 Launch Conference

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EIROforum at "European Research 2002" (Brussels, November 11-13, 2002)

Live Webcasts from CERN for European Science and Technology week

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Visit on 7- 8 November to find out what modern Europeans can't live without. Seven of Europe's leading Research...

World Record Plasma Discharge in Tore Supra

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On July 30th 2002, the engineers and scientists of the Association Euratom-CEA in Cadarache (France) have achieved a three and a half minutes long...