Collective responsibility

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Only through unified action and following regulations can the society can get back on its feet quickly.
Tony Donné

My reasons why

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Tony Donné talks about why he believes in EUROfusion.

At the Plasma Edge

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Fusion Writer Michael Griener looks at the importance of the plasma edge.

Imaging Plasma Simulations

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Siobhan Smith takes pictures of simulated plasmas - essentially photographing code.

Press Start

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José Vicente writes that civic force may play an important role in the economics and importance of fusion on the global energy system.
Tony Donné, EUROfusion Programme Manager

Third term for Tony Donné

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The EUROfusion General Assembly has unanimously decided to ask Tony Donné to continue as Programme Manager of EUROfusion.

The Close-Up of Remote Solutions

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Fanny Fouin, Senior Mechanical Engineer on ITER’s giant DRHS robot, discusses diversity, creative problem solving and collaboration on the...

Surviving the Maelstrom inside ITER

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Welcome to the challenge faced by the designers for ITER, an international effort to create a proof-of-principle nuclear fusion reactor.

The Need for a New Pulsed Power Supply

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In the Fusion Writers' issue of Fusion In Europe, Antonio Magnanimo gives some indepth inofrmation about Ultracapacitors.

Using Storytelling to Teach Fusion in the Classroom

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Patrícia Martins Raposo-Weinberger advocates using storytelling as a teaching tool for physics.

Fusing global minds and hydrogen atoms

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An alumni perspective on the challenge of fusion education

Fusion Sarcophagi

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A story is set in 70 years in the future. It's end of life for the sarcophagus made to contain Reactor 4’s radioactivity...

Fusion for Society

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Alejandro Vázquez Cortés writes, "Fusion is more than a scientific pursuit. "

Should fusion be democratised?

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Adam Termote, a postgraduate in the environmental social sciences with a keen interest in the politics and democratic implications of scientific and...

Fusion writers' edition out!

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Featuring 11 stories from fusioneers, and a chance to vote for your favourite!

Looking into the crystal ball

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Codes have developed to the point where researchers can model expected results ahead of an experiment. Read more.

No video too blurry

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Former fusion researchers are founders of APREX Solutions a software that tracks and analyses videos regardless of their quality.

Shattering plasma disruptions

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An innovative device to prevent plasma from melting or damaging components of the reactor wall in JET has been used in experiments for the first time.

Outside Insights: Alternative Fusion

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Welcome back to our "long read" series. This time, it's an "Outside Insight" into different fusion technologies.

Fusion in Europe, new issue out!

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In this issue of Fusion In Europe, editor Karl Tischler looks for answers to the question “Why Fusion?”