We’ve discovered that Remote Handling is actually more careful than doing the same manually. So we can end up with a better product. And that’s we all know when we decorate our homes: you bash into the furniture with the other end of the ladder, which you can’t see. We don’t have to use scaffolding and flooring.

- Tony Loving, Head of Remote Handling Group at JET

Remote Handling enables an operator to do manual handling work at a particular work site without being physically present at that work site. Unlike conventional robotics, Remote Handling always involves a human being within the process. The main handling device is a manipulator, not a robot, because the majority of Remote Handling tasks need the intuition and intelligence of a human being.

The Remote Handling system used for maintenance at the JET nuclear fusion experiment includes robotic devices, advanced computers, virtual reality, television and a wide range of specialist tools. The technological expertise required of the personnel to design and operate these types of systems covers mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, software, real time control, ergonomics, pneumatics, hydraulics, welding and cutting.