Are you a teacher who wants to liven up your science lessons? Are you looking for information about energy, atoms, electromagnetism or light? Then fusion is a topic that can help you – with the resources below.

Striking demonstrations, visits that get inside the JET site, and interviews with the actual scientists working on the experiment all add colour, life and relevance to the concepts. Each video is accompanied by teacher resources including a summary of the content, and relevant pre- and post-video questions, FAQs, and links to relevant content in our Fusion Science pages. Additional resources can be found in the glossary and the FAQs.

And if you are not a teacher, but just interested in the world’s biggest fusion experiment, they are still fun to watch!

There’s even one for the littlies, a fusion storybook called The Mystery of the Sun.

Fusion 2100 preview picture Fusion 2100  An introduction to Fusion, as told in a classroom from the future. Covers basic concepts such as the fusion reaction, temperatures required and magnetic confinement methods in a tokamak. Translations available.


Richard Brown prepares to launch the Roller CoasterFusion Forces Roller Coaster  How do nuclei ever fuse, if they are all positively charged and therefore repel each other? This experiment, demonstrated by CCFE engineer Richard Brown, explains it all.


Jacob’s Ladder – Controlling LightningPeter and Phil with the Jacob's Ladder  The plasma we see in everyday life is very short lived – e.g. sparks, or lightning. How do you control it and sustain a long term plasma for making fusion? Plasma physicist Peter de Vries explains with the help of the Jacob’s Ladder demo.

Superconductors – super-magnetic confinement!Superconductors – super-magnetic confinement! Superconductors are astonishing materials, one of the few things in physics that are really close to perfection… no friction or losses, just zero electrical resistance. Robin Stafford Allen, one of the mechanical engineers working on ITER designs, demonstrates some of the amazing properties of the superconductor array.

A Twist in the Tale – Particle Orbits in JETa-twist-in-the-tale The rotating table provides a surprising analogy to the gyration of particles in magnetic fields as they whiz around in JET’s plasma at speeds of over 1000 km/s.
After a demonstration of the table, host Phil Dooley interviews Tuomas Koskela, a PhD student studying particle orbits, and finds out about banana orbits !

JET PowerJET power Power Supply Engineer from CCFE Rob Salmon demonstrates to Phil Dooley exactly how much energy a cup of tea requires, using a bicycle power plant. Then he shows us around the JET plant’s extensive power facilities, in particular JET’s two 700 tonne flywheels.


Smoke Rings – Natural TorusesSmoke ring thumbnail  What comes out of the smoke gun will surprise you -  both with how it looks and the way it behaves.


Getting a Grip – Remote Handling at JETRemote Handling thumbnail A remote control robot is the key to the sophisticated maintenance system at JET. One of its operators, Tim Powell, joins us to try out the new demo, and then takes us to see the real system.


The Mystery of the SunMystery of the sun thumbnail One for the young kids; a story about two children who are curious about what makes the sun shine so brightly. Join them on their fascinating voyage of discovery.


An Introduction to FusionAn Introduction to Fusion What is fusion? How and where does it occur? Can we harness it as an energy source? What kind of technologies can we use to make fusion energy available on Earth? These are some of the questions that we will answer in this series of Fusion Modules.