Fusion, Power to the People

The new Fusion Expo traveling science exhibition from EUROfusion

Fusion, Power to the People is the new travelling science exhibition from EUROfusion that examines the past, present and future of fusion energy. Our aim with this exhibition is to explain the fusion process that powers the sun and the stars, as well as the efforts to harness this process as a new source of clean, abundant and safe energy here on earth.

“Fusion energy is not familiar to most, but we believe it’s a vital topic for people to explore,” says EUROfusion Outreach Officer Mohamed Belhorma who developed Fusion, Power to the People.  “We created the exhibition to give a fun and engaging introduction to fusion energy. We want to show the public that fusion has the potential to be an important piece in solving the energy puzzle.”

Opening with CEA at Les Docks Village in Marseille

EUROfusion and our member CEA (the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) will premiere Fusion, Power to the People at the historical Les Docks Village in the heart of La Joliette business district, in Marseille. The Exhibition will open on Friday 8 October in timing with the Fête de la science celebration in Marseille and will run until Sunday 19 December, 2021.

Admittance is free of charge, and the exhibition will be open daily from 10h to 19h.

The Planète Sciences Méditerranée association will host visits for schoolchildren (grade 4 and over) on Thursdays and Fridays. To register class visits, please visit: http://www.planete-sciences.org/mediterranee/expo-fusion/

After Marseille, Fusion, Power to the People will travel across Europe to help EUROfusion members raise awareness about fusion energy research in their countries.

Broad appeal

Fusion, Power to the People combines science, art and technology along with puzzles and challenges into one cohesive experience that makes the complex topic of fusion accessible and appealing to diverse audiences. In addition to puzzles and challenges, fusion-inspired artwork is prominently on display. Virtual and real worlds blend into one through "transmedia" storytelling techniques and a mobile application for Android and iOS devices that acts as the backbone of the exhibition.

Unlocking knowledge

Via the mobile app, visitors meet a cast of characters, are introduced to a story of science and suspense, and interact with the exhibition. By navigating different spaces and unlocking crucial information, visitors explore and experience the exhibition as a series of unique activities and discoveries.

Visitors are enlisted into an adventure to recover knowledge artefacts via clues and challenges spread throughout the exhibition space. The story unfolds into three parts through which visitors discover the scientific principles behind fusion, experience fusion research for themselves, and explore different possible futures.

PART 1 – Radiant Matter

A benevolent AI entity from the future needs our visitors' help! They open augmented-reality portals to recover missing information “artefacts” and solve a puzzle, learning the fundamentals of fusion in the process.

PART 2 – Power to 
the People

Visitors take place in the control room of a fusion research facility and embark on a treasure hunt to solve interactive puzzles – unlocking knowledge about the most daunting project humanity has ever attempted: making fusion a source of energy on earth.

PART 3 – Escape the Strange Loop

Humanity’s future is now in our visitors' hands as they travel through three decision loops, making decisions that will lead to one of many future scenarios for our planet.

“Star Trail” participatory, post-visit activity

The exhibition was only the start! Visitors get to put their views to the test by listening to differing opinions from an ever-growing roster of experts on a broad list of topics. They can share their thoughts and questions about fusion’s potential as a future energy source, starting a discussion between all the people who visited Fusion, Power to the People.

Contemporary Art Exhibit

Six artists invite our visitors to imagine and explore aspects of fusion through their creative interpretations.

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