Realising fusion energy is a big, long term undertaking – fusion scientists tend to think in decades, rather than years. The experiments are large and expensive, and often require the collaboration of several laboratories. Europe’s fusion laboratories manage their collaborative research and the joint use of facilities within the EUROfusion consortium.

All EUROfusion research activities are based on the Roadmap to the realisation of fusion energy. The roadmap breaks the overall task into eight missions. EUROfusion funds the Research Units in accordance with their participation to the mission-oriented Work Packages outlined in the Consortium Work Plan.

In general EUROfusion research has two aims: Preparing for ITER experiments and developing concepts for the fusion power demonstration plant DEMO.

Research under EUROfusion is organised within Work Packages that relate to the Roadmap missions. Each Work Package is lead by a team of project leaders from the Research Units.

The details of the EUROfusion research programme are outlined here >>