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Week 66: The race is on!

archived | JetShutdown weekly
At opposite sides of the torus  welding teams led by Andy Parsloe and Ian Merrigan are working to complete the seal welds around the rotary valves...

JET’s new divertor

archived | JetPicture of the week
Further information Limiters and Divertors Philippe Mertens from Forschungszentrum Jülich is checking the solid tungsten lamellae on...

Week 65: Anyone for TAE?

archived | JetShutdown weekly
The ‘TAE antennae’ was mentioned in week 46 when one of the antenna arrays was reinstalled. That assembly was removed and replaced without...

Installing a bespoke component

archived | JetPicture of the week
Remote Handling at JET allows advanced engineering work inside the vacuum vessel without the need for manned access. A Remote Handling...

Week 64: What is in a vacuum?

archived | JetShutdown weekly
Vacuum is often thought of as the ‘absence of everything’. However the vacuum requirements for JET demand that we understand the residual gases in the...

On the shoulders of giants

archived | JetShutdown weeklyPicture of the week
More about Ernest Rutherford “I was standing on the shoulders of giants” It is uncertain whether Albert Einstein really said this or...

Week 63: A summary

archived | JetPicture of the week
It has really been exciting to see the wall starting to look like the virtual reality model. Guy Matthews, Leader for the ITER-Like Wall Project ...

A look into the vessel

archived | Picture of the weekJet
The photograph was taken by colleague Lee Hackett during the installation of the Octant 4 duct in November 2010. The actively cooled duct is part of...

Week 62: Season’s Greetings

archived | JetShutdown weekly
Most of the staff at Culham are enjoying a well earned Christmas break but a few essential staff will be on-site 24 hours a day throughout the holiday...

Week 61: Safety first

archived | Jet
When JET is operating, the plasma produces neutrons, and the production of neutrons is one of the key measurements of performance. But how do we count...

Happy Christmas and a successful New Year

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EFDA JET is wishing to all involved in fusion research Happy Christmas and a successful New Year. We are back on the 4 January.

The Third Tokamak at Culham

archived | JetShutdown weeklyPicture of the week
The old tape storage library has recently been decommissioned. Due to its resemblance to the shape of JET and Mast, it has been referred to as...

Week 60: Re-installed before Christmas

archived | JetJet Operation & ExperimentsMeetings
One of the targets of the shutdown was to have completed the re-installation of the ‘big’ components of the Neutral Beam Enhancement (NBE) programme...

A shiny copper duct

archived | JetShutdown weeklyPicture of the week
This image gives an impression of the size of the shiny copper made duct. The two identical mouths of the duct are 90 centimetres high each. They...

Week 59: Shutdown plan revised

archived | JetPicture of the week
The JET shutdown is now nearing its final phase. As of writing, about 40 per cent of the ITER-Like Wall components had already been installed in the...