Dear readers,

The first edition of Fusion in Europe 2018 greets you with many firsts: In Karlsruhe, scientists succeeded for the first time in printing tiny but precise pieces made out of tricky tungsten. The new French member in EUROfusion’s tokamak family, WEST, owns the first actively cooled divertor in Europe, just to name two topics of this issue.

Meanwhile, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center is celebrating a success of a different kind. Well-known novelist Dan Brown, the one who had helped to make CERN famous, has recently paid his first visit to the Catalonian computer experts. The author’s new book “Origin” deals with the ever occurring question of the beginnings of the universe. Since Barcelonan computer Mare Nostrum 4 is also occupied with calculating the processes inside the Sun, it might have something to say about the universe in general. By the way, the team is looking for postdocs. Hurry up and apply!

Jaime, however, has still a bit of time to think about his postdoc. But you can be sure that the EUCYS winner makes the best of it. He did not only win the prize of the European Union contest for young scientists and spent a week at JET. He also authored not his first but already his second novel on a samurai from 15th century Japan and he is starred in a TED talk. And yes, Jaime is only 18 years old.

You can say that Jaime is on a highway into a brilliant future. Talking about fast lanes brings us directly to DONES, the DEMO Oriented Neutron Source.

Does not sound appealing to you? Wait, it’s another first, actually, a frontier experiment to test materials under realistic fusion irradiation conditions. Currently, Spain is applying to become the host for this laboratory.

If you think, this is an awful lot to read, we suggest you take a rest and just listen – to JET’s first CD. The Joint European Torus is not only a pioneer European device, the first and only to operate deuterium-tritium worldwide, it is also a singer. Tune into buzzing sounds, fizzling cables and humming vibrations with the help of the accompanying music group Poupées Électriques.

We hope you enjoy our full-body fusion experience. Stay tuned with us!

Anne Purschwitz
Editor of Fusion in Europe