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First Governing Council for promoting IFMIF-DONES in Granada

Member News
The Consortium for the promotion of IFMIF-DONES in Granada begins with the first meeting of its Governing Council.

A cooled exhaust for Wendelstein 7-X

Erstellt von Dr Thomas Klinger | Member News
Thanks to a newly-installed actively-cooled exhaust, the German stellarator Wendelstein 7-X at IPP Greifswald will be able to maintain its fusion...

Spanish bid to host IFMIF-DONES in Granada

Member News
On June 9th, a consortium agreement was signed to promote the Spanish bid to host the international fusion materials research facility IFMIF-DONES in...

Science from the decommissioned experiment RFX-mod

Member News
Is it possible to obtain scientific data from a machine that has been disassembled since 2016? The team of the RFX Consortium believes so.

ITER Robots : la 10ème finale a eu lieu!

Partner News
The final of the ITER Robots competition took place on June 15, in the gymnasium of the College of Puy Sainte Reparade. Check out this video summary!

Europe ready to prove the fabrication of Test Blanket Modules

Partner News
ITER will provide a unique opportunity to test mock-ups of different breeding blanket concepts.

Interview Marco de Baar: a bumpy way up

Erstellt von Mariette Huisjes | Member News
Marco de Baar always knew that he would eventually hold a senior position in research. But he never thought this would be possible at DIFFER, the...

Strong Culham participation at leading European fusion conference

Member News
Culham scientists will share their expert research at the 47th European Physical Society’s (EPS) Plasma Physics conference this week (June 21 – June...

Wendelstein 7-X: Komplettierung und Vorbereitung der nächsten Experimentkampagne

Erstellt von Hans-Stephan Bosch | Member News
Die Wasserkühlung des Divertors – ein ganz neues Kapitel für den Betrieb – wird vorbereitet.

Digital twins for fusion plasmas

Erstellt von Isabella Milch | Member News
Major advances in plasma modelling and simulation allow for predicting what a fusion plasma will do instead of needing to interpret after the fact.

Strong Portuguese participation at ECPD2021

Erstellt von Diana Amado | Member News
Two researchers from the Portuguese EUROfusion member IPFN contributed with oral presentations to the 4th edition of European Conference on Plasmas...

ITER Feedthrough prototypes pass testing successfully

Partner News
F4E Diagnostics and their supplier IDOM have performed extensive tests on the connectors that will carry ITER data from inside the experiment to...

Eleven EUROfusion Researcher Grants awarded

Erstellt von Gieljan deVries | last updated: 06/15/2021 EUROfusion
The EUROfusion consortium for the realisation of fusion energy has awarded eleven EUROfusion Researcher Grants (ERG) to talented post-doctoral...

Bursting the bubble of artificial solar flares

Erstellt von Gieljan deVries | EUROfusion
Triggering artificial solar flares early may help protect the inner wall of fusion research devices, show EUROfusion researchers.

ORNL reprises key supporting role in historic fusion experiments

Erstellt von Kristen Coyne, ORNL | last updated: 06/11/2021 Partner News
As part of a long-running collaboration with Europe, ORNL is supporting landmark experiments aiming for a fusion milestone.