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Imaging Plasma Simulations

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Siobhan Smith takes pictures of simulated plasmas - essentially photographing code.

Press Start

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José Vicente writes that civic force may play an important role in the economics and importance of fusion on the global energy system.

Third term for Tony Donné

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The EUROfusion General Assembly has unanimously decided to ask Tony Donné to continue as Programme Manager of EUROfusion.

The Close-Up of Remote Solutions

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Fanny Fouin, Senior Mechanical Engineer on ITER’s giant DRHS robot, discusses diversity, creative problem solving and collaboration on the...

Surviving the Maelstrom inside ITER

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Welcome to the challenge faced by the designers for ITER, an international effort to create a proof-of-principle nuclear fusion reactor.

The Need for a New Pulsed Power Supply

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In the Fusion Writers' issue of Fusion In Europe, Antonio Magnanimo gives some indepth inofrmation about Ultracapacitors.

Using Storytelling to Teach Fusion in the Classroom

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Patrícia Martins Raposo-Weinberger advocates using storytelling as a teaching tool for physics.

Fusing global minds and hydrogen atoms

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An alumni perspective on the challenge of fusion education

Fusion Sarcophagi

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A story is set in 70 years in the future. It's end of life for the sarcophagus made to contain Reactor 4’s radioactivity...

Fusion for Society

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Alejandro Vázquez Cortés writes, "Fusion is more than a scientific pursuit."

Should fusion be democratised?

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Adam Termote, a postgraduate in the environmental social sciences with a keen interest in the politics and democratic implications of scientific and...

Die Sonderausgabe 2019 der "Fusion Writers" ist da!

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Elf Storys junger Nachwuchswissenschaftler über Herausforderungen der Fusionsforschung. Stimmen Sie ab!

Looking into the crystal ball

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Codes have developed to the point where researchers can model expected results ahead of an experiment. Read more.

Kein Video zu verschwommen

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Ehemalige Fusionsforscher gründeten ein Untermehmen, das Software entwickelt, die verrauschte Videodaten ausliest und analysiert.

Plasmastörungen entgegenwirken

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In JET wurde erstmals eine neue Technik eingesetzt, die verhindert, dass das Plasma Komponenten der Reaktorwand beschädigt.