People whose work is funded by EUROfusion Consortium or an institution with a collaboration agreement with EUROfusion Consortium can request access to the Users’ website.

To request a new user account for the Users’ web page fill in the form below.

If you already have access to CCFEPC, use your CCFEPC login name and password to access the Users web pages.

1) Please spell your name without special characters, e.g. Gonzalez (instead of González)
2) For your phone number, please use the format defined below
3) Please use your official e-mail address (no gmail, yahoo addresses are accepted).
4) As a remote user, you will occasionally receive Culham Broadcast Messages. You can opt to be excluded from the Culham/JET broadcast email system by sending a request to ITsupport AT ukaea DOT uk. Please be sure to send the request from the address we have registered for you.
Please note: Accounts are created once a week. If you apply by Friday morning, you will get your account data by Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

For technical support or to recover lost passwords please email Helpdesk-PC AT ukaea DOT uk

Only for requesting access to the Users’ Website for the first time, please fill in the form:

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