Shutdown Weekly

Week 72: Improving Personnel Safety

The safety record at JET is one that we can be proud of, but there is never room for complacency. We have a policy to upgrade the working environment continuously. A shutdown period is the only opportunity to work in some of the areas that are inaccessible during operations. One […]

Week 71: Final optical checks

The new divertor viewing periscope (known as ‘KL11′ in JET terminology), mentioned in Week 44, was delivered to Culham about two weeks ago. It was unpacked and set up on an optical table. A mock up of the important parts of the inside of the torus was positioned accurately relative […]

Week 70: Crane troubles

The main 150 tonne crane is rigorously inspected according to a regular schedule, as required by legislation. As with all mechanical systems there is always scope for breakdown. Last week we had such an event in the mechanism that is used to maintain the tension in the catenary control cables. […]

Week 69: Feed-through delivered

Another significant delivery has been made this week. All the new instrumentation for the ITER-Like Wall communicates with the outside world through hundreds of cables, (see Week 68 ) has been delivered. The cables have to emerge from the ultra-high vacuum environment of the torus to the outside air without […]

Week 68: Heading towards completion

In week 57 we described the accurate 3D frame that was set up to represent the key features inside the torus, so that the wiring conduits could be assembled and filled. This work is nearing completion, and tests are currently being carried out on the assembly to ensure that it […]

Week 67: Everything under control

The main JET control room is in a separate building from the torus itself. You might compare it in size with Mission Control at Houston but JET can compete with that in a different way. It is not uncommon to see people from 15 different countries working together.This is not […]

Week 66: The race is on!

At opposite sides of the torus  welding teams led by Andy Parsloe and Ian Merrigan are working to complete the seal welds around the rotary valves (see week 54). Each team has more than 20 metres of weld to complete, working to the very highest quality standards. In this week’s […]

Week 65: Anyone for TAE?

The ‘TAE antennae’ was mentioned in week 46 when one of the antenna arrays was reinstalled. That assembly was removed and replaced without modification. The second array has been a more complex project, because it has been modified to move it 10 millimetres further away from the plasma edge. There […]

Week 64: What is in a vacuum?

Vacuum is often thought of as the ‘absence of everything’. However the vacuum requirements for JET demand that we understand the residual gases in the vacuum as a diagnostic tool. When the lowest possible pressure is reached, it is useful to know what gases remain. We need measurements to help […]

Week 63: A summary

It has really been exciting to see the wall starting to look like the virtual reality model. Guy Matthews, Leader for the ITER-Like Wall Project As the New Year begins, Guy Matthews, the Leader of the ITER-Like-Wall Project summarised the progress of this highly complex enterprise, acknowledging the hard work […]

This work has been carried out within the framework of the EUROfusion Consortium and has received funding from the Euratom research and training programme 2014-2018 under grant agreement No 633053. The views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the European Commission.

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