Shutdown Weekly

A new name needed!

We are glad that you enjoyed reading week by week what happened during the most intense and exciting shutdown performed at EFDA-JET. Some of you have asked whether the Shutdown Weekly will continue. The answer is that it finished with the JET shutdown it was set up for. BUT . […]

Week 81: Shutdown finished!

After 81 weeks, we have reached the formal end of the JET shutdown. The final items were removed from the torus on Monday afternoon, and on Tuesday the port doors were closed and sealed by members of the vacuum group. That is a milestone in itself, but it is also […]

Week 80: The end is nigh!

The last tile of the ITER-Like Wall is now in place in the JET torus and the detailed photographic survey has taken place. Now, while the photographs are being studied and checked for any unexpected anomalies, in-vessel services are being removed systematically. Just before writing this, on Friday afternoon, one […]

Week 79: Apologies and the work continues

Your author has to apologise for an error that crept into last week’s Shutdown Weekly. This was caused by him being away on holiday, having written an article in anticipation of the completion of the in-vessel work. The period around Easter and the early May holiday has been a good […]

Week 78: ITER-Like Wall complete

The end of in-vessel activities is finally upon us.  During the last week several key activities have been complete. The final alignment of the ‘High Resolution Thomson Scattering’  diagnostic has been carried out.  This system provides a powerful laser beam which passes through the plasma.  The laser light scattered from […]

Week 77: Studying interaction

In total JET has more than 100 different diagnostic systems. In this shutdown another new diagnostic system has been installed on a port on top of JET.  The infrared camera has a view of the divertor region on the bottom of the torus. It is a copy of an existing […]

Week 76: Octant 8 ready to go

In Week 73 we described some of the work that would take place at Octant 8 to reinstate the systems. These had been dismantled to upgrade the neutral beam ducts. As this week’s photo shows, this work is now essentially complete. The pipe which runs from left to right is […]

Week 75: Turbo-charged

Vacuum conditions inside the JET torus are critical for proper operation of the machine. Several types of vacuum pumps are used to ensure that the required ultra-high vacuum is achieved. Full conditioning takes several weeks and there are several key stages in the pumpdown process. The initial rough vacuum is […]

Week 74: A four year’s project

The Neutral Beam Enhancement (NBE) project has been featured several times in the shutdown weekly – most recently in week 56. This four year project to enhance JET’s main plasma heating system is drawing to a close now. For the first time in several years, all 16 positions for the […]

Week 73: Ramping up

As the upgrade work on the neutral beam duct cooling draws to a close, it has become possible to start reinstalling a lot of other components at Octants 4 and 8. Much of the equipment has been in storage since early last year. At Octant 8, a set of access […]

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