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Fusion film wins the 2009 “MIDAS Prize for New Media”

The latest film made by the European fusion community, entitled “Energy of the future – Fusion 2100″, won the 2009 EuroPAWS MIDAS Prize for New Media. The prize recognises the best European new media production (web, promotional video etc.) involving science and engineering/technology.

European Joint Undertaking for ITER launched

On Tuesday, 27 March 2007, the European Council decided to establish the European Joint Undertaking for ITER and the further development of fusion energy. ITER (the path in Latin) will be the world’s largest fusion research. It’s aim is to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion power. The […]

Council approves conclusion of the ITER international agreement for fusion energy

The Council adopted today1 a decision approving the conclusion of an international agreement on implementation of the ITER fusion energy project.

ITER Senior Management Team completed

During the 9th ITER preparatory meeting, held in Cadarache (France) on Thursday, delegations from the seven ITER Parties approved nominee Director-General Kaname Ikeda´s proposals for the six Deputy Director General posts in the top management structure of ITER.

ITER pioneers receive prestigious Russian energy prize

On the 13th of June in Saint Petersburg, three pioneers of the international fusion project ITER received the Russian prize “Global Energy” from Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation.

ITER agreement initialled in Brussels

This morning, ministers from the EU, China, India, Japan, South Korea, the Russian Federation and the USA met in the Commission´s Berlaymont building in Brussels to initial the agreement that they have negotiated on jointly, implementing the ITER fusion energy research project, which will be located in Cadarache, France. The […]

Ministers to initial ITER agreement in Brussels

Ministers representing the seven ITER parties will meet in Brussels on the 24th of May in the Commission´s Berlaymont building in Brussels, to initial the agreement that they have negotiated on jointly implementing the ITER fusion energy research project, which will be located in Cadarache, France. The initialling ceremony will […]

ITER Project Leader named

At a meeting in Tokyo on the 1st of April, the chief ITER negotiators from the seven international parties (European Union, India, Japan, Korea, China, the Russian Federation and the USA), identified the top management team that will manage this major international fusion energy research project. The parties to ITER […]

Fusion project ITER presented to European Industry

Over six hundred representatives from European industry and fusion research institutes gathered in Barcelona on 13/14 December, for a two-day workshop named “ITER – Opportunities for European Industry”. The goal of the workshop is to inform European companies about the international ITER Fusion Energy Project, and to discuss opportunities for […]

India becomes full partner in fusion project ITER

Yesterday, India was welcomed as a full partner to the international fusion energy project ITER. This decision was taken on December 6th, 2005, at the 12th ITER Negotiation Meeting, which was held on the Jeju Island in Korea. At the beginning of the meeting, the current ITER partners (EU, Japan, […]

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