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30 years of JET – Paving the way for ITER’s take-off

Happy 30th anniversary JET!

Journey to the centre of the torus

A team of explorers has been sent to the heart of JET…

At 25 Tore Supra is looking WESTward

The WEST project to refurbish Tore Supra will see the installation of a tungsten lining and a divertor added

The biggest fuel tank

On World Oceans Day we should celebrate not only the rich biodiversity of the seas, but also their potential as a source of fuel

Shaping the Future of Fusion

Varying the shape of the plasma in a tokamak can have a big impact on the tokamak’s performance.

Slovenian crowds get to the heart of ITER and JET

Ljubljana, Slovenia: A public lecture about fusion, including a live feed from JET and ITER, has lecture theatres overflowing.

Pump down begins

Maintenance completed, pump down has commenced on a “cleaner than expected” JET torus.

European collaboration lays foundations for Japanese tokamak

The bolt-tightening ceremony at Japan’s JT-60 SA tokamak marks the success of a Europe-Japan agreement

EFDA trainees kick goals

An injection of new talent into tokamak operations around Europe comes about thanks to EFDA’s goal-oriented training.

Amazing footage for BBC

A BBC film crew took over the JET experiment for a day, so they could film from some unusual vantage points.

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