Number of the week

775 tons of steel

Each of the two JET flywheels weighs 775 tons. Before a plasma shot, these nine meter wide steel wheels are set into a horizontal rotation to store hundreds of megawatts of power. An 8.8 megawatt electric motor – stronger than the motor of high speed trains like TGV or Eurostar […]

32 toroidal coils in JET

32 ‘toroidal field’ coils in JET work together to create a magnetic doughnut – an endless tube where the magnetic field lines never end.

2,600,000,000 Joule

A large part of the energy JET requires is stored in flywheels, to be released during the experiment. Each of the two flywheels can store up to 2,600,000,000 Joule, or 2.6 Gigajoule. For comparison, a Mars bar contains about 700,000 Joule, so the flywheel stores the energy equivalent of 3700 […]

200 cubic metres

The plasma volume of the JET vessel is 200 cubic metres and is currently the largest among the tokamaks in Europe. In 2019, JET’s successor ITER is going to supersede JET with a vessel volume of 840 cubic metres. JET paves the way for ITER as its experimental results and […]

This work has been carried out within the framework of the EUROfusion Consortium and has received funding from the Euratom research and training programme 2014-2018 under grant agreement No 633053. The views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the European Commission.

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