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COMPASS shows the way to H-mode

IPP Prague: A five-year quest has borne fruit as IPP’s tokamak achieves ITER-Like operation.

A energia de fusão vai chegar à rede eléctrica

A Agência Europeia para o Desenvolvimento da Fusão Nuclear (EFDA) publicou um roteiro que descreve os passos para fornecer energia eléctrica baseada em fusão à rede pública por volta de 2050. O documento Roteiro para a concretização da energia de fusão organiza este processo em oito missões.

Fuusiosähköä verkkoon

Eurooppalaista fuusioenergiatutkimusta koordinoiva EFDA (European Fusion Development Agreement) on julkaissut fuusiosähkön tuotantoon vuoteen 2050 mennessä tähtäävän tiekartan.

Elise opens the door for ITER’s heaters

A new experiment in Germany will generate a larger particle beam than ever before.

Fusion images shine at awards

Fusion experiments have captured the judges’ hearts in the 2012 German Prize for Science Photography

Giving materials hell

Punishing conditions push test materials to the limit at the newly launched Magnum-PSI facility at the Dutch FOM Institute DIFFER.

Launch of PRIMA

The heat is on in Padua as RFX prepare to build the most powerful beam injector the world has ever seen.

Discovery of new improved helical plasma state at RFX makes Nature Physics cover

Reverse Field Pinch (RFP) devices rely on a combination of toroidal and poloidal magnetic fields to confine the plasma, just like tokamaks do. However, in their case both fields are of the same magnitude, with the toroidal field being much smaller. If this concept succeeds in reaching power and confinement […]

New Head of Research Unit in the Netherlands

Tony Donné was appointed the new Head of Research Unit of the Dutch Fusion Association (Association Euratom FOM). Tony Donné obtained his PhD degree in 1985 in the field of nuclear physics at the Free University of Amsterdam. He then moved to the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics, where he […]

Lower Hybrid results at high density on FTU

An important step forward of fusion energy research, based on magnetically confined plasmas, would be provided by the achievement of reliable Advanced Tokamak (AT) regimes. These regimes are characterised by improved thermal insulation of a large internal part of the plasma volume, and are obtained driving current in a proper […]

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