IPP scientist honoured for fundamental contribution to plasma turbulence research

An award-winning measuring instrument

Ten Tokamaks

Czech students have access to not just one model tokamak to learn about fusion. Not even two…

29 EU countries working on fusion

Welcome Croatia, who joined the EU – and Europe’s fusion program – on July 1st.

At 25 Tore Supra is looking WESTward

The WEST project to refurbish Tore Supra will see the installation of a tungsten lining and a divertor added

European collaboration lays foundations for Japanese tokamak

The bolt-tightening ceremony at Japan’s JT-60 SA tokamak marks the success of a Europe-Japan agreement

New perspectives for Jülich’s plasma physicists

Jülich: A major change of scene for the plasma physicists at Forschungszentrum Jülich, as they move from fifty-year old wooden barracks into a brand new custom-built building.

Keeping turbulence at bay with zonal flows

CIEMAT, Madrid: A predator has been discovered in the fusion labs, preying on… Turbulence!

COMPASS shows the way to H-mode

IPP Prague: A five-year quest has borne fruit as IPP’s tokamak achieves ITER-Like operation.

A energia de fusão vai chegar à rede eléctrica

A Agência Europeia para o Desenvolvimento da Fusão Nuclear (EFDA) publicou um roteiro que descreve os passos para fornecer energia eléctrica baseada em fusão à rede pública por volta de 2050. O documento Roteiro para a concretização da energia de fusão organiza este processo em oito missões.

Fuusiosähköä verkkoon

Eurooppalaista fuusioenergiatutkimusta koordinoiva EFDA (European Fusion Development Agreement) on julkaissut fuusiosähkön tuotantoon vuoteen 2050 mennessä tähtäävän tiekartan.

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