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More information is available on:

Click image to download the fusion spin-off poster. The road to fusion energy is dotted with paths to spin-offs into other disciplines and fields. Click image to download the fusion spin-off poster.

While the fusion community continues its quest to harness fusion for energy needs, the research has borne numerous short-term benefits. It should be no surprise that fusion research with its complex, multidisciplinary nature has pushed advances in disciplines ranging from medical technology and environment to astrophysics and material sciences. EUROfusion has identified some of these spin-offs and put together a non-exhaustive list that demonstrates the short-term benefits of fusion research on the way to fusion electricity. Read more about them: Fusion Spin-off list.


The inforgraphic presented here draws from the fusion spin-off list and gives the gist of how different disciplines and fields have benefited from fusion research.

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news-705 Fri, 04 Aug 2017 12:20:34 +0200 EUROfusion at Garching Open Doors 2017 at Garching Open Doors 2017, EUROfusion will present the fusion documentary LET THERE BE LIGHT



EUROfusion will take its stand with other science institutes at the 2017 Garching Open Doors on 21 October, and this year along with other attractions, the big screen beckons you!



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EUROfusion proudly presents “LET THERE BE LIGHT“!



The documentary about the thrilling history of fusion research is going to be screened in Germany on October, 21, 2017 during the Open Door Day on the Garching Campus. The screening is followed by a public discussion with protagonist Mark Henderson, leading scientist at the ITER project, the world’s biggest fusion experiment to come.




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LET THERE BE LIGHT TRAILER from EyeSteelFilm Distribution on Vimeo.


After opening up the famous SouthbySouthWest film festival in Austin, Texas, this year, LET THERE BE LIGHT” caused a stir in the media and the movie world. It even received the Artistic Screening Award from the Big Sky Film Festival “in recognition of the film’s artistic merit and educational value."

If you want to catch the screening, you have to hurry, because the number of seats is limited. EUROfusion will hand out the tickets beforehand at its booth (on October 21, from 11 am to 3 pm) in the Physics Department of the Technical University of Munich (James-Franck-Strasse 1, Garching). First come, first serve!


Garching Open Door Day on 21 October from 11 am to 6 pm


Besides the screening, EUROfusion presents its own stand throughout the whole Garching Open Door Day. You will find us in the Physics Department at the Technical University Munich in Garching (James-Franck-Strasse 1). We offer you the unique chance to produce your own energy and we will eagerly answer all your questions on fusion energy.


  • EUROfusion stand at the Physics Department (James-Franck-Strasse 1, Garching)
  • EUROfusion presents "Let there be light" + public discussion with ITER-scientist Mark Henderson (start: 4 pm)

mark-henderson-iter_32476489663_o ITER scientist Mark Henderson will be seen in the movie and be present for discussion on site.



Deutschlandpremiere von “LET THERE BE LIGHT” (engl.)

EUROfusion laedt zur Deutschlandpremiere von “Let there be light” mit anschliessender Publikumsdiskussion: die brilliante Dokumentation ueber die Geschichte der Kernfusion wird am 21. Oktober 2017 erstmals in Deutschland vorgestellt. ITER-Wissenschaftler und Protagonist Mark Henderson stellt sich im Anschluss den Fragen des Publikums.


EUROfusion ist während des Tags der Offenen Tuer mit einem eigenen Stand in der Physik-Fakultaet der TU Muenchen vertreten. Dort stellen wir neben dem ITER-Projekt auch das europaeische Konsortium zur Erzeugung von Fusionsenergie vor. Werden Sie selber aktiv und erzeugen Sie Energie. Wie das geht? Einfach vorbei kommen. Los geht es um 11 Uhr. An unserem Stand geben wir auch die Tickets fuer die Kinovorfuehrung aus.


"Let there be light" feierte im Maerz 2017 Premiere beim renommierten SouthbySouthWest Film Festival in Austin, Texas. Die Dokumentation, die Fusion als alternative Energiequelle wieder in den Fokus rueckt, gewann bereits den ‘Artistic Screening Award’ fuer ihre besondere Fotografie und den beeindruckenden Bildungswert.

Die Platzzahl ist begrenzt. Tickets werden vorab am EUROfusion Stand (Physik Fakultaet, James-Franck-Strasse 1, Garching) am 21. Oktober von 11 bis 15 Uhr ausgegeben. Schnell sein, lohnt sich


Tag der Offenen Tuer Garching am 21. Oktober 2017 von 11 bis 18 Uhr


  • EUROfusion erwartet sie an seinem Stand in der Physik-Fakultaet (James-Franck-Strasse 1)
  • EUROfusion praesentiert die Deutschlandpremiere von "Let there be light" um 16 Uhr + anschliessende Publikumsdiskussion
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