Posted on: 9th October 2017

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Let there be light ITER on CNBC PhD Comics fusion

It is a documentary that has all the makings of a thriller. Let there be light pits Science against the biggest challenge faced by humanity – the ever-growing need for energy. Can researches harness fusion energy, the process that powers our sun and stars, here on Earth and find a permanent solution for our energy problem?

EUROfusion gives you chance to go on the journey that award-winning director Mila Aung-Thwin took and follow the people working on the daunting task of making fusion energy a reality on Earth. The documentary gives a never-seen-before glimpse at the lives of some of the fusion researchers from around the world. From those involved in ITER, the biggest fusion experiment being built in Cadarache, France, to those working on smaller undertakings in US and Canada, one common ambition ties the researchers together: the passion to realise fusion energy, no matter how long it takes.


  • Yes, I will attend the media event on October 20th.


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