Posted on: 30th August 2017

Click image to download the fusion spin-off poster.

The road to fusion energy is dotted with paths to spin-offs into other disciplines and fields. Click image to download the fusion spin-off poster.

While the fusion community continues its quest to harness fusion for energy needs, the research has borne numerous short-term benefits. It should be no surprise that fusion research with its complex, multidisciplinary nature has pushed advances in disciplines ranging from medical technology and environment to astrophysics and material sciences. EUROfusion has identified some of these spin-offs and put together a non-exhaustive list that demonstrates the short-term benefits of fusion research on the way to fusion electricity. Read more about them: Fusion Spin-off list.

The inforgraphic presented here draws from the fusion spin-off list and gives the gist of how different disciplines and fields have benefited from fusion research.