Posted on: 25th July 2017

EUROfusion has been well-represented at the 2017 World Expo hosted in Astana, Kazakhstan. The theme of this year’s World Expo, which began on 10 June, is “Future Energy”. And this is where fusion comes in: Fusion energy when realised will be sustainable and CO2-free and EUROfusion is coordinating the European fusion research efforts to achieve the goal of realising fusion energy.

Europe’s long-term energy objectives are being presented in various sessions, including its contribution to ITER—the biggest scientific collaboration that will test the potential of fusion power.

EUROfusion Programme Manager Tony Donné gave insights into the EUROfusion Roadmap in a presentation titled Challenges on the European Roadmap Towards Fusion Electricity. Other session talks included a presentation by JET’s Exploitation ManagerLorne Horton,A European Experience – The Joint European Torus (JET)and Director of the Wendelstein 7-X Project Max-Planck-Institut for Plasma physics Thomas Klinger, Stellarator – A Long-term Alternative.Matti Coleman EUROfusion engineer working at the department for Power Plant Physics and Technology spoke about DEMO and beyond and Ángel Ibarra Sánchez from CIEMAT and Project Leader of the EUROfusion Early Neutron Source Project spoke about Testing and Validating Materials for Fusion.

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Astana EXPO- 2017: Future Energy Forum