Posted on: 16th December 2016

Fusion research in Hungary is coordinated by the Plasma Physics Department of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics with strong contributions from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Three groups form the pillars of Wigner Fusion

  • Pellet and Video Diagnostics Group
  • The group focuses on understanding the interaction between the 10-million-degree Celsius hot plasma and -270-degree Celsius solidified hydrogen pellets in order to find the most efficient ways to deposit pellet material into the plasma core.

  • ITER and Fusion Diagnostics Developments Group
  • Acting as the leader of Tokamak Services for Diagnostics Consortium, the group concentrates on the R&D of the infrastructure that services signal transmission of in-vessel diagnostics from the vacuum vessel to the outer world.

  • Beam Emission Spectroscopy Group
  • The group designs, manufactures, installs and operates BES diagnostics in several major fusion devices around the globe.